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As a little girl cooking by my mother’s side, I enjoyed mixing things up — but licking the beaters was the best thing ever. That was decades ago, in that nether world of nutrition, when “whole wheat bread” meant the bleached white flour had caramel color added! While my family did make many things from scratch, it was still from denatured products of white flour and white sugar. When I was a young teen visiting a friend in the woods of Northern California, I tasted my first piece of homemade, whole wheat bread. Oh, my! I thought I’d found the pot of gold. I’m convinced to this day that when you give people something real and wholesome to experience, they will respond enthusiastically. I know I did! It would be several more years before I was introduced to the world of nutrition. But at eighteen, I found myself reading books on the subject and beginning to transform my diet.

That was a long time ago. Today I have four wonderful, grown children. But you don’t get four wonderful, grown children without first going through a good many years of experience. Included in those years was a pregnancy carrying twins. That was perhaps a “tipping point” in my body’s ability to cope. We were always on a single-income budget, and could not often afford good vitamins, or even the kind of food I wanted to nourish my family with. For several years after the twins were born, I was still experiencing residual effects. All these were frustrating; some could be debilitating. About fifteen years ago, we found the solution to my numerous problems with products from a company called Neo-Life (now GNLD). I started with Formula IV, a basic multi-vitamin and mineral complex that included essential fatty acids. What a difference for a tired homeschooling mom, plagued with fatigue and PMS symptoms. When I mentioned my always-aching hips, Cal-Mag was recommended, and within three days, the pain I had endured for six years was gone! Next came my stomach and intestines, which were completely dependent on peppermint tea, at least four times a day, in order to control the pain in my stomach. (Yes, I had gone to the doctor.) My diet was becoming increasingly limited. When I added the Beta-gest and Enzymes, I could eat anything again! And the pain in my stomach was gone for the first time in years. The list goes on: Vitamin A for dry eyes, night blindness, and chronic winter respiratory challenges; Liver+C for anemia; Acidophilus to correct years of antibiotics as a teen; Resp-11 to breathe clearly without drugs in allergy season. And that’s how the products helped just me. My whole family have had numerous successes with the GNLD products — successes that didn’t happen with store-bought brands.

Because people noticed our good health as a family, we found ourselves growing a business — almost against our will! But the GNLD company has been wonderful to work with, and the standard over the years has never changed or waned. All of their products are developed and manufactured under very rigorous testing and research, and we agree with the concept of, “Based in nature, backed by science.” God created a wonderful world, full of good things to nourish and heal our bodies. He designed us with needs to be met and provided the means to meet those needs.

What else do I do? I’m a retired homeschool mom. After seventeen years, the teaching of my own children is done. I loved homeschooling because I love my kids and I love to learn. It wasn’t until I was out of high school that I began to figure out what a joy it is to learn. So I continue to study. I read nutrition books and articles on a regular basis, always fascinated to see what research is confirming — so often what people have known instinctively throughout the centuries.

Currently I am also studying writing of various sorts; one being screenwriting. For the last few years, I’ve been writing freelance for a couple of magazines, writing copy for ads and a catalog, and have also done editing work. I am a founder of the Christian Filmmakers Guild, a Texas non-profit foundation that encourages aspiring filmmakers in the area.

Two of my children are married and I have six grandchildren; all wonderful, of course! I love watching their creativity and their joy in life.

Thank you for visiting Thoughts to Eat By. Feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy reading the Web Journal, browsing my recipes, as well as learning about nutritional supplements.

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